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Dodger Day Drive-Thru Events

Community distribution and resource event that brings program partners and community members together to create access to food sources, education resources, health screenings, basic necessities and more.

Virtual Fitness Clinics

Through a series of fitness workouts youth will learn fun and interactive exercises that will encourage them to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Wednesday

Through a series of videos, Dodgers RBI players will receive nutrition and mental wellness tips that can lead them to positive habits. Every Wednesday will become Wellness Wednesday where new videos are shared, via social media. Wellness is designed to teach the development of healthy habits and lay the groundwork for youth to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Racial Equity Curriculum

To ensure teenage youth within the Dodgers RBI program are developing social and emotional learning (SEL) skills, LADF will partner with RISE to pilot a youth social justice workshop series which will focus on developing relationships between youth, coaches and law enforcement. RISE workshops increase the understanding of racial equity and builds culture competence. Its program aims to equip athletes, coaches and other community members with the tools to be leaders in addressing matters of racism, prejudice, diversity and inclusion.

Virtual Coaches Trainings

To ensure that coaches within Dodgers RBI have the appropriate resources they need to coach at their locations, LADF partners with organizations to provide trainings that teach baseball and softball fundamentals, trauma-informed approaches, positive youth development strategies, and using sport as a vehicle for social change. Trainings from core partners provide a well-balanced foundation for coaches that include both game knowledge and important strategies for offering powerful support to their players.

Virtual Parent Workshops

To ensure parents are given resources to support their children as they participate in the Dodgers RBI program and also at home/school, various programs partners will present resources parents can take advantage of. 

Player Development Trainings

To directly impact and encourage the game of baseball and softball free training scholarships will be offered to youth between the ages 9 to 18 years. Each participant will receive in person baseball or softball development trainings at the Dodgers Training Academy which is located in Redondo Beach.

Youth Clinics

To directly impact and encourage the game of baseball and softball the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF) will be offering free clinics focused on fundamentals of the game, facilitated by Dodgers Training Academy. 

Virtual College & Career Accelerator Workshops

The College & Career Accelerator is designed to expose middle, high school, and college students to college and career opportunities. The goal is to use the LADF brand to make college & career pathways exciting. We provide students access to career knowledge, networking opportunities and help students understand the steps to get into college and scholarship opportunities. 

Dodgers Reading Champion Challenge

To help address the literacy crisis in Los Angeles and get children excited about reading, we partnered with the Los Angeles Dodgers to execute LA Reads, a literacy campaign that includes a literacy challenge, Dodgers Reading Champions. LA Reads and the Dodgers Reading Champions are designed to motivate youth to read and help them build a lifelong love of reading.


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